Matchwood Brewing

Matchwood Brewing

Sandpoint, Idaho and it’s surrounding area is also known as Matchwood from it’s historic days of making matches from the local pine trees. Matchwood Brewing Co. is about to break ground and bring great craft beer to the small tourist driven town. The owners wanted to pay tribute to the history of the area, plus be warm and inviting.

I facilitated the development of the Matchwood Brewing brand and identity from start to finish. Through understanding their vision and needs, I was able to work the client through a process of discovering a logo, color palette, and typography that created a strong brand. Matchwood really wanted to carry on the history of the matchstick industry of the area and also convey a warmth in the logo. We created that subtle nod to the matchstick by having a flame element in the logo lockup. The script lettering in the logo along with the flame icon convey an inviting and warm feeling.

Client Testimonial

Ryan introduced a straightforward and results driven creative process. Ryan designed, crafted and presented a robust number of beautiful and different designs with an approach that allowed us to figure out exactly what we wanted. We are extremely happy with our brand and could not have gotten to this point without Ryan’s creativity, technical skills and professional work product. We highly recommend Ryan, his design capabilities and project management skills.

Andrea Marcoccio


February 8, 2018


branding, craft beer