Brewshed Brewfest

Brewshed Brewfest

I approached the Oregon Wild non-profit organization because I really like their Brewshed Alliance program. Brewshed Alliance partners with Oregon breweries to raise awareness and conservation efforts for watersheds that bring water to our local breweries. The Brewshed Brewfest event really needed some quality design work to promote the non-profit, their cause, and the awesome local breweries participating, so I offered my services pro-bono to help out.

I created a logo design and identity system that reflected Oregon and it’s craft beer. The logo mark needed to reflect iconic elements of Oregon, the watersheds that bring water and life to breweries, and of course…beer! As part of the identity system, I created a wordmark that could stand on it’s own. By stacking the two words and using mixed colors, the wordmark reads Brewshed Brewfest horizontally and diagonally.


February 7, 2018


branding, non-profit, Print