Blaker Brewing

Blaker Brewing

Blaker brewing came to me with bits and pieces of a brewing operation with a full brewery about to break ground. Through a branding exploration process, we ended up creating a solid brand identity along with finding some vision for future branding efforts. With a family farm history, along with some of the newest technology in farming and sustainability, one of the main concepts for the beer branding was “a look into the past with a vision towards the future.”

I worked with the Blaker crew in developing their brand from the ground up. The logo design creates a system of a full lockup, simplified wordmark, and a standalone icon. The B icon mark represents a sustainability loop, coming from and returning to the ground. The circle around the B icon also contains a subtle farm plow to represent their farming roots. The top area of the can labels represents a window looking to the past, which represents one of the main brand concepts.

Client Testimonial

Working with Ryan has been extremely valuable to our business – an exciting, interactive, collaborative, and fun process. He designed the creative elements of our brand and translated our story into something physical to give our customers. Ryan delivers top notch design skills, a creative work flow, and is attentive to our best interest. On top of all this, we have created a new friendship with someone who is exceedingly knowledgeable and passionate of the craft beer world just as us. We are 100% satisfied with the progress we have made with Ryan, and we feel completely comfortable as we approach our entry to market.

Tyler Lucas


February 6, 2018


branding, craft beer, label